Getting the Price Right – Valuing a Painting

It is never easy to set a price for your own work. There are so many different approaches you can adopt as another blog suggests.

I went for option 1 determining the price by size. I think it is fair to everyone. It takes into consideration the material cost as well as the average amount of time it takes to paint a picture of that size. Obviously size is not the only determining factor. You will have to introduce a markup to take your market value into consideration.

Apparently I seem to have got it right since when speaking to a gallery owner only recently he confirmed that he would be able to sell my work at the price I was asking. That was after he had quickly carried out a calculation on his calculator considering taxation and his own margin.

I also make sure not to sell below my gallery prices since this would undermine the relationship with the gallery.


About Pat Harrison

Painting and drawing have been my passion from early childhood. I have attended numerous exhibitions in England and Germany. Presented with the Judges Award at a show I now have one of my paintings on permanent display at a museum in Greater London with growing sales and commissions.
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