Daylight Lamp for Painters


Pat Harrison landscape paintings
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Daylight lamps for painters come in all shapes and sizes. So far I have been too mingy to buy one myself. In these winter months you obviously need some good lighting for your work. However, I have always made do with a traditional desk lamp and ordinary bulbs.

My paintings do not appear to look any worse for it. So I am still holding back on a special daylight lamp.

What is your experience?


About Pat Harrison

Painting and drawing have been my passion from early childhood. I have attended numerous exhibitions in England and Germany. Presented with the Judges Award at a show I now have one of my paintings on permanent display at a museum in Greater London with growing sales and commissions.
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2 Responses to Daylight Lamp for Painters

  1. Having worked in broadcasting for a while I acquired a pair of daylight soft-box spotlights that we used for creating training videos. I now have these mounted above my desk in my studio (which has no windows or natural light) These are great for painting by, and the photo’s I take of my paintings come out very well so am quite pleased with my setup. Here’s a link to the lights on the website where we bought them from: I think lighting is very important if you want to share your work on the Internet. I find poorly lit art videos on YouTube and yellow-tinged photos taken of artwork using a standard domestic lightbulbs do not do the artist any favours, and I believe it can negatively impact sales – And for the sake of £100 you could easily make that back with one sale alone!

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