Devon Artist´s Exhibition in Germany all set

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I have just returned from setting up the exhibition for my friends from Devon. It turned out to be quite a task. There were 34 paintings to hang in different rooms and the traffic into town was awful. I started out at about 9 o´clock this morning and I got back at 4.30 this afternoon. Normally it is only a half hour drive but today the return journey took more than an hour.

However, I am sure it was all worth it. The photos I took will give you an idea of the layout. The exhibition is held at the restaurant of a renowned college which is linked to Aachen University. Between 50 and 100 business people attending seminars will enter the restaurant for lunch every day. Often there are private business dinners in the evenings too. There is a buffet area and several dining rooms which are all fitted with paintings now.

Visitors entering the restaurant will see the smaller paintings first and a display with the biographies of the participating artists. Underneath the biographies there is a perspex holder containing the flyers which I have had printed.

I have placed the largest paintings in prominent positions in the area leading to the buffet. Each room has a theme so I am hoping the arrangement will arouse some interest. Paintings carry labels with the work´s title, the artist´s name and an invitation to call my phone number. They are also numbered so that people can ask about pricing without having to memorize the title. That way I am hoping to get more enquiries rather than stating the price on the label.

In addition to the photos I have also taken some video clips which I am going to compile into a short film to be shown on local television.

The local papers have already published a report prior to the exhibition which led to some phone calls to the management with people wanting so see it before it was even open. Let us hope the interest continues. I have offered to give a guided tour on Fridays should there be more enquiries.

About Pat Harrison

Painting and drawing have been my passion from early childhood. I have attended numerous exhibitions in England and Germany. Presented with the Judges Award at a show I now have one of my paintings on permanent display at a museum in Greater London with growing sales and commissions.
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