How to work with galleries

palette smMost artists would love to be represented by a gallery but find it difficult to be accepted. Understandably the gallery wants to represent a well-known artist. So how do you become well-known? If you are not famous you may still have a chance to find a gallery who are prepared to take you on. Here are various articles to advise you on the Does and Don´t and how attract visitors to your website.

Where major galleries are concerned it may be almost impossible to get in unless you are famous already. However, most artists would be happy to be represented by any ordinary gallery preferably near where they live. After all you have got to start somewhere. These articles might explain some of the aspects.


About Pat Harrison

Painting and drawing have been my passion from early childhood. I have attended numerous exhibitions in England and Germany. Presented with the Judges Award at a show I now have one of my paintings on permanent display at a museum in Greater London with growing sales and commissions.
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