Contemporary Artists on German TV

I have started my own series of films for a German tv channel. The first two programmes presenting artists belonging to AERA the Association Embracing Realist Art have been broadcast on a German TV channel. Once a month a new member will have his or her work put in front of a wide audience. I have added German subtitles where necessary to make it accessible to viewers who are less fluent in English. The productions will not only be shown on the German TV channel several times over but they have also been entered into the station´s free public media library.

You can view the first two 20 minute videos by clicking on the following images.

artist Eric Armusik

artist Jill PoyerdWe are looking forward to your comments or you may prefer just to click on the LIKE button below.


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More of my own paintings here.

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About Pat Harrison

Painting and drawing have been my passion from early childhood. I have attended numerous exhibitions in England and Germany. Presented with several awards for my paintings I now have one of my works on permanent display at a museum in Greater London with growing sales and commissions.
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