easel with unfinished work

artist painting en plein air – click on pic for interview

This art blog invites you to join me in the love of the fine arts and its many facettes.

I shall be posting free videos on various aspects of painting. The material which I found useful was selected from the best free postings of various artists I could find on a given subject. It will always be about contemporary art mainly of landscapes and seascapes in the figurative style and realism.

Over time I should also like to share with you my experience in creating art and publishing my work via the internet and other means.

You may be particularly interested in my articles on how to deal with certain subjects such as preparing for an art exhibition and how to paint in oils, acrylics, or watercolour.

So you are welcome to come back whenever you find the time.

sunshine on autumn colours


I have been painting and drawing as long as I can remember yet it is only now after a full working life that I can find the time to publish my experience.

I am self-taught, now painting professionally in oils or acrylics on canvas or canvas boards. I also master drawings in coloured pencil on fine-art paper.

As a member of the Devon Art Society I prefer realistic presentations of my subject trying to grasp the beauty of nature without a detour through abstraction.

red cliffs at Teignmouth

Teignmouth, Devon, England

My favourite subjects are the coast and country of Devon and Cornwall as well as the mountains of Austria but I have also captured famous buildings around Europe and attractive sites in Germany.

You are welcome to write to me on my blog or visit my website


5 Responses to About

  1. Since the invention of the camera, Realism in Art has been eroded, to the point that many critics and artists believe that splodges of paint on a canvas or putting an eye where an ear should be is true Art! . IT’S NOT, it’s decorative and that’s it. Fine Art (realism) is as essential today as it was before the camera was invented.
    Art is the true ability to show others what is there, away of recording history if you like?
    Imagine a future where all digital images have been destroyed, what is left to show life as it was: True realistic art, that’s what!
    So if you want to express yourselves with paint do it, but please don’t call it true art, it’s just a decorative piece

  2. This is my kind of art.I love your work.Some of the things they call art,I just cant agree with them.Please have a look at me website at http://www.aljohannessen.com all comments are welcome. Al Johannessen

    • Al, having looked at your website I do like your art and I also agree with what you have said about modern art.
      If it takes a 3-day course to understand it I do not want to take that course.

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